12/5/14 continuing work on parade 14 / by Philip Tarlow

2:27pm update: the 4 stages of development thus far, with the completed painting on the far right.

so this was a 2 day-er. it's always challenging to maintain the energy and delicate balance of a painting like this one. i am reminded of an artist i have long admired, avigdor arhika, who chose, mid-career, to paint only from life and complete all paintings in one sitting. i get it. but i don't feel the need to be rigid about it. on the other hand, and especially when working on this super sensitive portrait linen, i do feel the need to keep it fresh and not labor over it. but if, for example, you visit the best left unsaid page and check out #10,11 & 12: all based upon MOMA photos, i did spend a number of days getting it right and, in one case, actually attached a square of white canvas over an area that wasn't working. in the end, this kept the freshness and spare quality i wanted, but it was a lot of work!

so now back to my newly discovered treasure trove of MOMA images (see yesterday's post) to select the shot i'll crop & use for my next one. 

12:31pm update: the most recent state of this painting is below. continuing work.....more when available...

much better light today allowed the far more accurate shots of stage 1 of parade  14, below. i'm about to continue work on this new painting, and will post updated images as they become available. i'm considering changing the name of the series to parade, after the first 2 pieces in the series, which will mean extra work for the gallery, so i'll think about it.