12/31/14 continuing work on "parade 18" / by Philip Tarlow

2:23pm update: so i ended up not painting today; there was too much going on. i'll resume work on parade 18 tomorrow, which will make it a painting that straddles 2014-15. i did however create a little 5 minute test video, which is a studio tour. currently it's being processed by youtube, and as soon as it's up i'll post the link if you're interested. but first we have our meeting, so it won't be till later this afternoon. just posted the link. click on the arrow on the right.

on row two, below, is a 1932 painting by edward hopper titled room in new york. i included it because i do feel some kinship with him. his anonymous figures in everyday settings always with an air of mystery......

today, new years eve, i'm continuing work on parade 18. on the right below, a detail from this new painting in progress. and on the left, a detail from parade 16, illustrating the consistency of my aesthetic in this series.

just had a wonderful skype with my son dimitri and my grandkids manio & philip who are in athens, so i'm going to have a late meditation and breakfast and try and get some work done before we have to leave mid-afternooon for a meeting about our startup, actionlab360