12/30/14 starting parade 18 / by Philip Tarlow

2:12 PM update: below is stage 1 of parade 18. i made a mistake in the sequencing of parade 1 through 18, so i have to go back & correct it everywhere on the site, which might take a few days. so this is not parade 19; it's actually parade 18. thus far it has an etherial quality i love.

the original photo was shot at MOMA. i can't wait till our next nyc trip, which will be in just 3 weeks to see the matisse cutouts. now that i'm doing this series of views from above, you can be sure i'll be photographing a lot this time at MOMA.

it's an unusually dark and extremely cold day, so i might have to stop earlier than usual because of the fading light. if i do one more round, i'll post photos before leaving my studio for my 500 ft. "commute" in the 14 F frigid air. last night it dropped to -5F.

i will post the first pics of stage 1 when available, in an hour or two.

on the right: a shot of me painting plein air at cottonwood creek on july 1st, 2008. i'm wearing  a netting jacket to keep out the mosquitoes, which peak from mid june to mid july, and then one day are magically gone.