12/29/14 another round of snow and a possible "something" intervention.... / by Philip Tarlow

3:45 update: below left: the drawing has been transferred to the canvas, so i can start painting parade 19 tomorrow morning. below right: one of the past paper palettes with oil paint shmeared for one of the parade series. the two cutouts are bits i've used for my collages. rather environmentally sound, wouldn't you say? and, can you see why i keep these palettes? they take forever to dry, with such thick blobs of oil paint, but they are so beautiful! if you look carefully at parade 18, which is below the image of me in jacket & tie, you will discover a few pieces cut from this very palette. can you see why, in  gregorc's mind style model, i fall into the random/abstract classification?

and now, off to our local market: elephant cloud, to get some veggies for a stir fry with rice; tonight's dinner. a bientôt, mes amis!

this morning's sky provides a preview of another winter storm moving in this afternoon into tonight. temperatures have been below zero at night and in the teens during the day, as revealed by the icicles you see hanging from our roof.

the most recent parade 18, on the right below, is hanging in our entryway and is always a surprise when viewed next to the rest of the series (go to parade series under the drop down menu works)

i'm considering cropping the 48x24" collage, something, which i've been working on for the past few days as i prepare parade 19. if so, it will look like the image on row 2, left. it's not something i'll be doing right away; i need to sit with it & possibly work on the 48x24" version some more before deciding.I want to make sure the lower 2/3 of the piece isn't "filler." but as i look at the image on the screen, it does seem to provide important breathing space. if it remains, it needs to play a more active role in the whole. as always, such an intervention needs to spring full blown from the loins, or not at all.