12/26/14 musings...... / by Philip Tarlow

12:53 PM update: this is the image i settled on to draw from for parade 19.i love the "real" image reflected in the large plate glass divider, as well as how the picture plane is sliced through diagonally several times. and i love that i shot this at MOMA. and that the exhausted visitors, flat on their backs after walking for miles within the confines of the museum are perhaps dreaming of paintings and sculpture infused by past imagery from their own personal museum of events over time: a dream space of sorts.

as i choose an image to use for parade 19, i revisited a couple of quotes by picasso that have impacted me deeply and resonate with something i'm feeling today. below are the quotes, with a selection of my work over time that i think reflect the point he's making. i believe they hold true for all artists. i have intentionally left out the titles and dates of the work below.