12/24/14 continuing work on parade 18, & yesterdays sunset / by Philip Tarlow

3:01 PM update: below: stage 3 of parade 18. this stage of the painting, which may or may not be the final stage, brings me back to some of the earlier paintings in this series, and to my exploration of finished vs unfinished. for exampleon row 2 is parade 4. the areas of the painting that have not been painted-in create a dynamic balance and invite the viewer to participate. this reminds us that a painting is not really "about" something. it is something.that is-ness is pregnant with promise, as are the budding high desert cactus i love to observe during their very brief flowering in early june. the mind wants to fill in the empty bits. but then, just as these anonymous figures in the mall, all absorbed in their smart phones, have been captured during their process of shopping, of strolling through the space, this painting has been left in a sweet moment of becoming. of course it works in terms of space & composition. otherwise, it really would be unfinished!

1:46 PM update: below, the current state of parade 18, sans nipples! it's not a "what will they say in houston" thing (although the question did cross my mind)....they were simply a distraction. 

below is a sequence of photos of crestone peak as seen from our living room yesterday, from about 4:15 through sunset at 4:38pm. what appears to be a moon in the 4th shot is a reflection of one of the overhead lights. 

i'll post shots of the next stage stage of parade 18 soon.