12/2/14 parade 14: a one day affair / by Philip Tarlow

3:01 update: the final state of b.l.u. 14, below. 

2:30pm update: stages 1,2 and 3.

this one is different than the 13 previous paintings in this series. go to best left unsaid under the works drop down menu to view the others. i can recall looking out the MOMA windows at the garden. back in 2008 i had an intimation i might make this painting. but i couldn't just make it, just like that. i had to arrive, go through the process. no one, no art historian, no person can know that process. there are overlapping strands; layers of experience; shifting perceptions....far too many of them. but i do believe it's possible to take the 30,000 ft. view and see how my 15 year greek experience connects to my l.a. and n.y.c. experiences and so on. sure, there's a coherent progression. the thing is, and this holds true for all artists, what you see here today inevitably contains elements of earlier work. just as the earlier work points to this moment.

12:16 update:

below is stage 1 of b.l.u. 14.

the drawing transferred to the 16x16" canvas, ready for oil color