12/17/14 preparations / by Philip Tarlow

2:41pm update: i just placed the order for the artfix L64U quadruple primed linen i'll be using fro the larger 5'x5' and 6'x6' versions of the parade series, which should arrive before christmas, now i need to order the stretcher bars, and i may be able to begin the first one by new years or shortly thereafter. it's very exciting and i'm so anxious to see how these work on a larger scale! 

by the way, we received a call from our old friend Kati, from andros in greece this morning. she and her husband had gone to see one of the sold out performances of the great chimera, which my son dimitri directed. it's based upon the novel of the same name by dimitri's grandfather, m. karagatsis. she was very enthusiastic and wanted to let us know just how much they enjoyed the performance. you can visit dimitri's theater site if you scroll down to yesterday's blog.

11 am:today is a cloudy day with light snow falling. i'm stretching new canvases for more paintings in the parade series.

can you see a relationship between the 1999 interior, karen asleep on the left and the most recent parade 16 painting on the right? the use of space; the diagonals and angles? this interior of our friends gary & loekie's home in maarssen, the netherlands is hanging in our bedroom, and the similarity struck me this morning. on row 2, a detail of the completed painting.