12/16/14 completing parade 16 and choosing image for #17 / by Philip Tarlow

1:36pm update: today's version is on the left; yesterday's on the right. the differences are subtle, but significant. row 2: a detail from today's version on the left; yesterday's right. can you locate the changes between the two?

i'm continuing work on parade 16, (scroll down to yesterday's blog) while choosing an image for the next one, parade 17.

below are two of the images i'm considering. both were shot last saturday at cherry creek mall in denver. both are viewed from above, as are all the paintings in the parade series. and both reveal the enigmatic and fragile beauty of the fleeting moment. i just had a most excellent skype with my son dimitri in paiania, near athens, about theatre, politics and creativity emerging in the face of uncertainty and chaos. perhaps fueled by it? you can visit his web site by clicking on the image on the right.

more later today.