12/15/14 parade, stage 2 & 3 / by Philip Tarlow

2:35pm update: my work was interrupted by various phone calls today, but i did make progress on parade 16, below. it needs another day at least. as ron, owner of gremillion & co. fine art in houston said in his characteristic slow texas/louisaina drawl when he saw parade 1 through 12, which i later sent to the gallery, "yer good-at-thi-i-is."  

and what is this? you tell me. i do love this idiom which, i continue to believe, relates to a past life as a byzantine icon painter. the fact that we don't know these anonymous.....in this case, MOMA visitors, whose movement through the space i have captured and frozen in time, for me makes the painting that much more poignant. and, while the bluish swirls in the marble floors are fun to paint, it's the figures that thrill me. as john russell wrote in a new york times review of my fischbach gallery show in septmeber of '81, "there is about him something of the storyteller, even if we never quite figure out what the story is. he makes us wonder what his people get up to when they aren't in the picture-and that is after all one of the perennial aims of painting."

indeed, i am good at this. and what is this? you tell me.

here's the current state of parade 16. more later in the day.