12/14/14 back in my studio / by Philip Tarlow

2:52pm update: this is where the painting is at as of a few minutes ago. it is based on photos i shot at MOMA in 2008. a few days ago, we were at the cherry creek mall in denver having mikela's macbook air repaired and i shot a series of photos from the upper level of the mall. the results are quite interesting, and will become the source for my next painting, parade 17. the larger 5x5' and 6x6' versions will commence as soon as i have the materials and can get the canvases stretched; probably in 2-3 weeks.

i just now learned the results of an auction held 12/12/14, or yesterday, at vergos auction house in athens. the 1978 painting on the second row right, which is titled paiania, sold for 2,360 euros, or $2,941.39. the painting is in oil on board, and measures 18.5x73cm. or 7.25 x 28.75 inches and is one of a series of landscapes i painted while living in our weekend house in paiania, about half hour outside athens in the attic plain.

11 am: returned from edwards and denver last night and am back to work on parade 16. above is my palette with many of my favorite colors; especially the flesh tones, of which there are many.