12/1/14 the signed & completed parade 13 / by Philip Tarlow

8:58pm update: we walked up to the stupa this afternoon. at the base is this millions of years old stone with plant imprints. ready to start painting b.l.u. 14 tomorrow morning.

12:49pm update: i've chosen 2 images, below, and am preparing drawings for both. i'm going to experiment with having 2 going at once, so as not too get too precious with one or the other, and switch up the energy. on the left, taken at a middle school in colorado. on the right, MOMA garden.


i re-shot best left unsaid 13 this morning, with a lighting i prefer over at the house. but i didn't have my tripod, so you'll see some of the details below are not completely sharp. i'll re-shoot tomorrow am with tripod. i think the color in these shots is truer to the original. in the first detail, top row right, you will observe what i meant a few days ago when i said this is "the most vuillard-esque yet" in the series.

i'm still choosing between 2 or 3 options for the next in this series. more later today.