11/8/14 11/7/14 n. crestone creek, "best left unsaid" progress, new watch / by Philip Tarlow

6:21pm update:the lower left corner was bothering me, so i took it out with solvent while it was still fresh with solvent.

2:55pm update: the current state of best left unsaid 11  is on the right. the painting progresses starting on the left. click on the image to the left, then right click on the arrow you'll see to the right of the image, to watch new areas of the painting appear. don't you wish you could have done that with vermeer's paintings?

10:39 am: i just posted these new shots of yesterday's 11/7/14 north crestone creek. each of the details is interesting by itself as a candidate for a larger painting. maybe 30x40." i included a detail by huang tingjian, 11th c. chinese calligrapher as an example of how i've been affected by his gestural, painterly way of working.

once i meditate, i'l go back to the painting i began yesterday: best left unsaid 11, of which i'll post photos as it progresses.

i was looking at 2 of my abstract collages on canvas this morning, which are hanging in our bedroom, and i began to feel the urge to make a few more.

my new botta single hand watch. noon is on the top, midnight is at 6'oclock. in the photo it's showing a few minutes after 11 am. simplifies life, they say. or not.....beautiful design, at any rate. designed & made in germany.