11/5/14 completion of "best left unsaid 10" 16x16" / by Philip Tarlow

this morning i'm continuing work on this painting. this exquisite french portrait linen takes the paint so beautifully...if you look carefully at the full screen image, you will see how the record of every movement the brush makes is visible on this sensitive surface. more later today....

12:25pm: row 4 left: the painting as it was this morning before i began work. row 4, right: current state. 

1:19pm: the final version, below. click on the 5 images on rows 2 & 3 for details. so what happened that made it a completed painting? if you have a look at the previous state, 2nd row right, which was just a little under an hour ago, you'll see how the picture plane was fractured, with various events vying for your attention, in this final version, your eye travels from event to event: from the foreshortened figures to the green diagonal to the white column, without getting stuck anywhere. it's a complex composition, with many colliding diagonals and layers of transparency. but it all hangs together now, allowing the mystery of the moment to emerge, and the merce cunningham-like dance to take place unimpeded.

so now what? at such moments, i take a little walkabout in my studio space, listening for a direction.