11/29/14 so? nu? / by Philip Tarlow

2:41 pm update: below, shots of the current (final?) state of b.l.u. 13. it is more vullard-esque than the others. i love that it has a tiny bit of colored pencil in the figure on the upper left, who looks like he is wearing a newspaper a la tete.

12:39pm update: process process process. it's all about process. some (unadjusted...no time right now...) shots of today's process. back to work now. just found out one of my '70's greek landscapes is up for auction next week in athens. just now found it; it's on the right: a view of painia, a suburb of athens where my son dimitri now lives.more later....

10:16am update: i began my day by going straight to the collage i began yesterday (scroll down to my 11/28 post) using elements of the envelopes and articles contained within, sent to me over the past year by my friend louis skidmore in houston. it delights me to move the pieces around, add and remove, and generally play & have fun.things, in this respect, haven't changed much since i was 5 years old. the version you see here is impermanent and will change over the coming days, gaining, one hopes, in visual coherence and simplicity.

another brilliantly sunny colorado high desert day, with temps averaging 10+ degrees F above normal. as soon as i make mikela's second cup, i'll commense the 2 minute commute to my studio, on foot of course, ambling through the piñon pines, weeds and juniper, the cactus and dusty earth, casting an occasional glance at our 14-ers to estimate the snowpack.

i'll be resuming work on b.l.u. 13 and looking for my next b.l.u. subject, while i prepare internally for the series on a 5x5 and 6x6 foot scale,as per ron and hardwood's suggestion. (ron is owner of gremillion & co. fine art; harwood is a dear friend & one of the sales staff.)