11-28-14 yesterday's stupa walk & parade 13 next stages / by Philip Tarlow

2:36pm update: the painting has progressed, but the space is still not activated. i might stop for the day & continue tomorrow morning. i also started a collage design (row 2 below) made from the envelopes my friend louis skidmore sends me weekly from houston, containing very cool articles relating mostly to art & watches, but occasionally health.

12:46pm update: below is the current state of best left unsaid (b.l.u.) 13. i'll continue working until the light begins to fade, usually around 3-ish. scroll down one post to view stage 1. the suface hasn't yet been animated, or activated. 


yesterday afternoon mikela & i walked up to the tibetan stupa, located just a few miles from our house, for the first time in many months. the north crestone creek trail has too much ice, so we won't be resuming that walk until spring. the stupa overlooks the san luis valley and is located at about 8,900 ft. altitude. it's about a mile each way. we walk in silence, except for "remembering the future" on the way down. we remember things we envision happening in the future but talk about them in past tense, as if they had already happened. you create the space in your consciousness for the lego piece called future to move just above the lego piece called now. the walking; the vast expanse of our valley; the experience of the stupa and it's strong presence in the precise location chosen by a tibetan monk after days of exploring the space....  allow strongly held beliefs about time to be momentarily suspended. a millisecond will suffice. it works.