11-27-14 parade 13 commences, & contemplating the self portrait / by Philip Tarlow

below: b.l.u. 13 (best left unsaid)  stage 1

i will continue work on this painting, based on photos i shot at MOMA in 2008,  tomorrow.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and thanks for visiting my blog!

row 1: rembrandt self portrait mid-career, catherine opie self portrait, 1993

row 2: rembrandt towards the end of his life and as a young man

row 3: vermeer, lucien freud

row 4: lucien freud nude self portrait, tsarouchis self portrait as a student

row 5: tsarouchis self portrait on the albanian front during w.w. II

i am contemplating the self portrait today, as i launch into b.l.u. 13 (see yesterday's post to view the drawing and photo i'm working from.) what is a self portrait? more about this later today.

2:54 update: the self portraits below illustrate a number of themes: youth-middle age and old age; the artist turning his/her back; full frontal nudity with a ballsy "this is how it is" attitude. what do they reveal/ what do they hide? and why, as i believe, everything we do a self portrait?