11/26/14 back in my studio....the drawing for b.l.u. 13 / by Philip Tarlow

returned from denver last night. driving conditions up & back were bad to awful. we took the longer route on the way up on monday, going up the i-25, which was predicted to be clear. the storm moved form the 285 & FairPlay, which is to be avoided when there's snow & wind, to the i-25 corridor, exactly the alternative route where we chose. 

in any event, our 4 meetings were very productive.

so now i'm back in my studio and, as i promised in my last post, i'm launching into the drawing for best left unsaid 13 (b.l.u. 13) further updates once i've transferred the drawing to the canvas.

12:44pm update:

as i progress with the drawing, it is as if i am choreographing a performance piece. the actors are mostly unknown to one another, but are engaging in a dance, a unique event in time and space never to be repeated, part of the collective memory. all the players are united by their interest in and/or love for the visual arts. no music can be perceived in this moment, but some do hear it, and it is playing. it is john cage's music of the moment. the shuffling of feet; the commentary; the waves of sound that is this event. this event.