11/21/14 parade en route to houston / by Philip Tarlow

i love valerie june: click on the box to the right for a youtube vid

2:33 update: OFF TO THE P.O.!!!


1:07 update: the canvases have all been signed front & back. some that had graphite drawing were sprayed with non-yellowing fixative. stray marks were removed with an eraser and all were carefully inspected before the wrapping &  boxing process begins. they are so recent, i had to make sure there were no areas that hadn't fully dried. and it feels odd to be saying good-by to them so suddenly.

this morning the parade series paintings, 11 in all, were taken off the walls & put in boxes in preparation for packing and shipping to houston, as ron suggested following our talk yesterday. (see yesterday's post) cataloguing them, printing out a sheet for the gallery with images next to descriptions, etc. will take up my day today. mikela will come over this afternoon to help out.

in the mean time, i'm organizing the necessary steps i need to take before starting the first of 12 or so larger versions of these 16x16" works for the show. they will be 5x5' and 6x6', so i'll require at least 4, probably 5 rolls of the very expensive art fix universal quadruple primed linen. spoke to pierre, owner of savoir faire, who is sole importer of this linen from france, and he suggested a heavier version of the portrait linen i've been using for the smaller canvasses. there are other brands that have this weight universal primed linen, but none of them have the exquisite surface found on the art fix brand. once again, you get what you pay for.

below right: mikela with the boxes .  about to meditate; more later.