11-20-14 a big challenge; a big opportunity / by Philip Tarlow

spoke this morning with my friend ron, owner of gremillion & CO. FINE art in houston, where i've been showing for over 20 years. we reviewed the best left unsaid series. we decided i will send the 16x16" paintings in this series to the gallery and start working on larger versions, 5x5' and 6x6' for a show at a yet to be determined date.

that's a BIG challenge! while i know these pieces can scale that large, it's technically and artistically challenging. technically, these small paintings are painted on art fix 84U, a very fine, almost paper thin portrait linen not really suited to larger format paintings, as well as being very expensive quadruple primed linen. so i need to find the right surface. and then, the marks i make on a small portable icon sized painting surface (portable icon being the term for the well known byzantine period icons on wood)....the marks i make on that scale will be different on such a large scale. there IS a part of me that loves working small. so i need to find that part of me that can channel that same energy, that same intuitive knowing where and how to move the brush, onto a bigger scale without losing those painterly qualities.