11/18/14 next stage of parade 12 and juan miro, age 8 / by Philip Tarlow

3pm update: below is the current state of parade  12. the brown paper on the table wasn't working, so i tore whatever i could off & painted over what was left. i feel kind of proud of myself for meeting the unexpected challenge this painting presented. as a result, i think this is the most interesting one of the twelve. we'll see how i feel in the morning. scroll down to view all the stages of this painting thus far.

1:55 pm update: note to self: keep pressing into it, and know when to stop......


1:28pm update: a piece of brown paper was collaged onto the table, then worked into with caran d'ache wax pastel. still not there. this one is demanding the playfulness and randomness of my collages, while maintaining the painterliness of an oil painting. 

this morning before getting back to work on parade 12 (i'm now using this abbreviation for the  best left unsaid series, for convenience) i flipped open a book i have with the life work of juan miro. the first thing i saw was this drawing, done by miro in 1901 at the age of 8. his entire life as an artist is encoded here.

BELOW: the stages of development of parade 12. click on the top right image, which is the most recent, and then click on the right arrow you'll see once the image is full screen, just to the right of the image.