11/15/14 dekooning musings, and the next b.l.u. ("best left unsaid") painting / by Philip Tarlow

dekooning in his 4th avenue studio in 1943.

3:30pm update: i was reading about my favorite '40's dekoooning period while eating an omlette i made for breakfast. heavily drawing from miro, matisse and picasso, he invented a new language, working feverishly in his 4th avenue studio in manhattan. oh how i wish blogging had existed, and we could have access to his amazing process. he spoke of content as "a glimpse of something....an encounter....like a flash."


best left unsaid 12 will be based on the photo you see below, shot a few days ago at an edwards, co. middle school. it's one of 25 i shot that day as the kids were scoping out the space in preparation for the project showcase day in may, 2015. it's the angle and the frozen moment that makes me want to make paintings based on these photos.  i should be able to start work on this one tomorrow or monday at the latest.

i'm feeling the pull to make more abstract collages on canvas as well. lately i've been doing them on a small scale on paper, but now i feel like engaging my whole body in a process related to dance and to my abstract expressionist predecessors.