11/13/14 back to my studio / by Philip Tarlow

i'll be back in my studio shortly. i may start work on a new painting, using photos i shot at the edwards middle school from above, while the kids were engaged in a process mikela thought up, wandering about the school scoping out possible locations for their may showcase day. more in a bit.

10:09am in the studio: below, a sample of two of the photos of the kids i'm thinking of using for my next painting. there are more, and it may become a small series. meditating now, more in a bit.


painting by niki karagatsi, one of the 3 other athens school painters who will be represented in melbourne

if you look back at my 11/9/14 post, you'll see a paragraph at the end of the post titled i am a bridge. it has to do with the exhibition we're planning with the director of the melbourne hellenic museum, which i'm co-curating as well as participating in. the athens school, which is the focal point of the exhibition, was all about making paintings portraying the beauty of the everyday. it occurred to me that, with my best left unsaid series in particular, (you'll find it under the drop down works menu) that's really what i'm up to. but if it weren't for my engagement with that movement in athens, and the other 3 painters who will be representing it in melbourne, this series wouldn't have been possible. so in that sense, i am a bridge connecting that rich period in the history of modern greek art to now: 2014. and it seems to me right now that this series, which currently consists of 11 paintings, might be ideal for the gallery show i'll be having in melbourne concurrently with the museum show. as i think about it, i know for a fact that all 3 of the other artists: yannis tsarouchis, niki karagatsi and yiorgos manousakis would all totally get this work. 

i'm going to have to put off selecting which of the new school shots from above i'm going to choose to paint first, but the thoughts i describe above are getting my very excited at the prospect. right now i'm working on editing some of the video footage we shot yesterday, and tomorrow will be a short day, as we have to drive to alamosa, where mikela is giving a talk at the college. but i should be able to launch into the first of these middle school paintings on saturday.