11/12/14 driving hell / by Philip Tarlow

when we left edwards, colorado for a meeting in vail, then on to our home in crestone, it was snowing heavily. a few miles from our destination in vail, it became clear that we had to cancel our meeting and drive home in order to make it back before dark. conditions were worsening, visibility was terrible and the wind was increasing as the temperature dropped to 0 degrees farenheit. we took windy, twisty route 24 and were able to stay on the road only by following the car ahead, as there was no way of determining where the edge of the road was. white knuckle all the way but we did make it home just as the sun was setting.

driving east on the t road, the final 16 miles to crestone. barely visible is the great sand dunes national park, with the last rays of light are falling and, to the right, mt. blanca.

our work with middle school students in edwards was stirring. we introduced exercises that helped them get clear on what their projects are going to be. they will be completed in may, when they'll present them at an event utilizing the entire school space. project based learning is new at this school, so the teachers and students are participating in a grand, exciting experiment aimed at giving students more responsibility for their learning and connecting them more to real life experiences.