11/11/14 snow & terborch / by Philip Tarlow

2pm update: we got about 3-4 inches of fresh snow here in edwards yesterday, and temps plunged as a result of an arctic front that moved down from canada. didn't make it down as far as crestone, so we should return to relatively mile temps tomorrow. we had a very successful meeting with the district school manager this morning, which opened the door for us to pilot the portfolio portion of actionlab360 with interested teachers starting in january, 2015. we're already on track for a pilot here in edwards, which leaves one more school we'll be meeting with tomorrow, before driving home. all in all, a very successful trip!

7:58pm update: another stellar meeting this afternoon, this time with 6 teachers at an edmonds middle school, where i shot some great video. so we're on track to work with them all once a month in person, and on an as needed basis via skype. and tomorrow we work all morning, starting at 8, with one of the teachers who has all the grade level students in her class, guiding them, using our platform, in beginning to create their projects. gotta get to bed early so we can be up at 6:30 & pack the car. once we finish in edmonds, we drive to vail for another school meeting, and then home. snow is predicted, so we'll see how conditions are. and thursday morning, i'll be back in my studio! stay tuned.



gerrit ter borch (1617-81)

what is generally said about ter borch is that he developed a new genre type, with few figures in an upright format. one of the things that interests me however,  is his use of space in the painting and his obvious love for painting fabric. he was a master in this area and, as you can see in the painting below, often his portraits were more portraits of a dress or sleeve than of a person. there is in his work something of the surreal, the other worldly. he was in my consciousness when i painted tourlos, below, in about 1975, now in the hirschhorn museum in washington, d.c.

gotta catch an afternoon nap before our next meeting, from 4 to 6. more later?