11/10/14 philip guston & vail, colorado / by Philip Tarlow

below are two philip guston drawings made in 1963 & 1965. they are in the collection of the modern art museum, fort worth, texas. i haven't thought about guston for a while, but when i made the plein air painting on row 2, he came to mind. there's definitely a relationship. guston, during this period believed that the images grow or emerge intuitively from the process of applying paint. that's exactly my experience when i'm standing in front of the creek and the rocks.


i was a big fan of his during the period he was creating this work, and well before his boots & shoes, which i don't care for. i may have to wait till spring to find out how my plein air series evolves. the weather has turned, and i'll be lucky to get in one more session once we're back on thursday.

left crestone 8:30 am with full sun, moderate temps. arrived edwards, colorado 11:30 am, heavy snow, 26F & falling fast. excellent interviews with stone creek teachers, which i video taped, it was a good thing. they shared about their experiences thus far with problem based learning, which bears some relationship to our project based learning platform.we'll be working with their students over the next few days, then returning once every 3 weeks to continue introducing them to actionlab360 as a means to fulfilling their projects. more later....by the way, i'm writing this in bookworm, a book store in edwards where they have wi-fi.