10/8/14 yesterday's north crestone creek plein air, 16x16" / by Philip Tarlow

yesterday afternoon mikela helped me carry my easel, colors, collapsable table, etc. up to the new spot i discovered. it was worth it. there is no describing the intense joy of just being there. making the painting is icing on the cake. the work is progressing in step with the 2 other main avenues i'm exploring: my series of abstract collages and the best left unsaid series.

if you visit my plein air page, under the works drop down menu, you can follow the progression of the plein air paintings over time.

a selection: of plein air paintings from 2012 through yesterday hanging currently on my east studio we wall, showing the shifts that have occurred. furthest left: yesterday's painting. the three on the upper right are from 2012. click on the image to make it full screen.

selection of 2012-13 -14  plein air painitngs on my studio wall. furthest left: yesterday's painting.