10/7/14 yesterday's collage titled, & best left unsaid 7 drawing / by Philip Tarlow

below left is the image i'm using to create best left unsaid 7,  which will be an oil on portrait linen, 16x16." it was shot last year at a denver high school, where we were piloting actionlab360. to view the previous paintings in this series, visit my best left unsaid page under the drop down menu: works.

on the right, yesterdays collage, now named bancroft dr.

i'm about to begin making the drawing for b.l.u. 7, which i'll then transfer to the canvas.

2:46pm: finally going out to the creek for plain air, which i'll post tomorrow/a.m.

5:58 pm: just back from the creek. had an EXCELLENT time! will post more pics tomorrow morning.