10/6/14 yesterday's walk & preparing for plein air / by Philip Tarlow

we walked further up the trail than we had before; a total of 3.6 miles round trip. we started at 8,650 ft. & gained 1,064 ft. in elevation in an hour, 53 minutes. we're slowly moving towards our goal of hiking up to the lake; about 4.5 miles each way, with an elevation gain of about 3,000 ft., ending at the lake, which is about 11,000 ft. in elevation. we're both sore today, so we have to progress slowly in our goal of reaching the lake.

on the right below, an example of the rock shapes that enter into my recent series of collages. scroll down one post to view one: yom kippur, 16x16"

this afternoon i plan on going out to a site on the creek i've never painted at before. it's a bit of a walk from where we leave the car, at the foot of the trail, so mikela will come along & help carry my painting supplies. at her suggestion, i'm taking paper & graphite along with my canvas & oils, to make a few drawings before beginning the 16x16" plein air painting.

more later today...