10/3/14 starting work on "best left unsaid 7" & another great walk / by Philip Tarlow

5:08 pm: when i got this back to the house, the figure on the left wasn't working at all. so i took it out & i'll see what i'm going to do tomorrow when i'm fresh. below is an iphone shot of how it looks now. your feedback?

2:30 pm: below is the first stage of best left unsaid 7, 16x16."  it's the black & white version, although it does contain some pinkish flesh color on the hands in the lower quadrant, red pencil on the shoe and a fragment of palette paper with blue brush marks in the upper right section. the students, whom i photographed recently at a denver high school, are working on a collaborative project.

10:30 am: the photos & text about ouir walk yesterday afternoon are below.

we took another great walk up n. crestone trail yesterday afternoon. i'm gearing up to continue my afternoon plein air series at the creek, this time to a new spot i've had my eye on every time we walk. i might go out this afternoon.

in the mean time, i'm completing work on transferring the drawing i started yesterday and will begin the painting in an hour or so. first pics in about 2-3 hours.