10/27/14 yesterday's plein air revised in the studio. a first. / by Philip Tarlow

yesterday's version, painted on site, is on the right; today's studio revisions on the left. the two details on row two are of the revised painting. i've only revised a plein air painting in the studio a few times, and those were very minor changes.

as we looked at the original last night, it was obvious to me that the whole green area with the leaves on the left wasn't working. the problem was that it was a head trip, about the beautiful golden leaves, rather than the painting as a whole. we had a meeting in town this morning, and i wasn't expecting i'd have the energy or inclination to launch into major changes. so i just did it. always the best way for me to get stuff done.

i feel it's now a far better painting. a much more interesting painting. i'm surprised i was able to successfully work on it far from the energy of the creek. if you click and make it full screen, then flip between the two, you may notice that your eye has an easier time navigating the space, and that the new elements i introduced on the upper right serve as anchors.

after our meeting & before coming to the studio, i photographed paintings form the best left unsaid series hanging on the wall on our stairway. you can see them below, along with a few shots of the same paintings hung in our kitchen area. this series will be shipped to the gallery, and i'll send the sales staff these photos to give them ideas as to how this series can be hung in client's homes on walls that might otherwise not be suited for hanging art.