10/24/14 signs and symbols / by Philip Tarlow

5:30pm: just back from the creek; below a few iPhone pics....more tomorrow. it couldn't have been a more ideal day. above normal temps, no wind. 

had a great Skype with our grandkids philip & manio this morning. i related the story of my easel, brushes & palette falling in the creek the other day, which they found hilarious. they're both looking beautiful. they keep asking when we're coming to greece, but i just don't have dates yet.

it's like life; as it happens, you say " i remember that!"

mikela, about an episode of a tv show we had already seen

we have a meeting at 12:30 so i won't have time for much before leaving. maybe a small collage? lets see if that can happen.

re: signs & symbols. i'm thinking about how EVERYTHING is signs & symbols. personal s&s filtered through an individual's consciousness.....more soon....

study of 11th c. chinese calligraphy cut up for insertion in a collage