10/20/14 "best left unsaid 9", 16x16" stage 1 & new plein air / by Philip Tarlow

7:00 pm: just back from the creek, where this new plein air happened. before driving back, i put on some nicer clothes i brought with me &  went straight to a meet the candidates event organized by mikela.

below are iPhone shots; better pics tomorrow. you can see why at times i felt like morandi.

below, stage 1 of best left unsaid 9. this series represents, in part, my exploration of finished vs unfinished. if you take the time to go back to my 9/7 post (just keep clicking "older" on the bottom right as you scroll down till you get there) you can see my thoughts on the topic. any of the paintings in this series can and may be left in an "unfinished" state. at some point, i'll recreate the same composition 4 or 5 times, progressing a little further in each one. they will then be hung together in an exhibition devoted to this concept, and the attendees will have the opportunity to choose which stage of development satisfies their aesthetic sensibilities.

this composition is based on a series of photos i took in '08 at moma, with it's open spaces and many visible levels.

we have a local political event called "meet the candidates" this afternoon, organized by mikela. so i'll be leaving my studio early to go out to the creek and work on a plein air painting, before joining her at the event. so this painting may, or may not continue it's development tomorrow morning. stay tuned......

an observation:

as i look at the 3 paintings below, i can see how the plein air paintings, the studio collages and the best left unsaid series are influencing one another. the use of space, the biomorphic shapes, the "unfinished" feel of gestural brush strokes....all are asking that the viewer become an active participant in an ongoing process.