10/2/14 "troubled light...." / by Philip Tarlow

this is how the great goethe spoke of color, in contrasting it with black.  "there is no more troubling, yet fascinating color than black," he said.

today, as i embark on best left unsaid 7, the first version of which will be in black, white and grey/tans, i am keeping this observation of goethe in mind. more when i have images to share, this afternoon.

below: left, the image i'll be using, shot at a denver high school last year.

below: right, transferring the drawing to the linen. it will be completed tomorrow morning, then i'll begin painting.

row 2: a picasso painting in black & white, one of the many he executed, in part because the absence of color helped him to manage a complicated composition without having to organize contrasts of color.

(new categories added today to my favorites page: chocolate and childhood book.)