10/18/14 yesterdays plein air / by Philip Tarlow

10:30 am post: i was out at n. crestone creek again yesterday. on row 2 is a shot of the completed 16x16" painting on the easel, around 3:30 pm. later i'll post a few more photos. i have about 3 more weeks until the weather turns cold, snows begin and i can no longer paint at the creek until spring. there's some travel in there, so it's really more like 2 weeks more.

today i'm stretching canvases and preparing the drawing for the image 2nd row, right, shot in '08b at moma, nyc. the painting, #9 in the best left unsaid series, will be 16x16", oil on portrait linen. i'm considering a 32x32" version.

12:10 pm: just shot these pics: below, the completed 10/17/14 north crestone creek, 16x16", with a detail on the right. notice that i re-worked the upper left corner in the studio. in the on-site version, on the easel, 2nd row left, that area was too dark.