10/17/14 yesterday's plein air painting at n. crestone creek / by Philip Tarlow

yesterday i went to the creek earlier than usual, about 1:30 pm. conditions were ideal and, in spite of the fact that while setting up i stepped in a big pool of water hidden by fallen leaves and soaked one foot, i was able to get a lot done in about 2 hours, which is longer than i usually spend on a plein air painting.

what's different, if you look at previous examples at plein air under the drop down menu works, is that the top 1/3 of the painting has no white space. this makes a significant difference, which i can see when looking at a wall full of recent plein air paintings. briefly, it allows the eye to focus on the main area of action, and makes the brush marks more important. i may go back today & we'll see what happens. in the mean time, i continue preparations for best left unsaid 9.