10/1/14 gheros islets, 16x16 collage on paper / by Philip Tarlow

i made the collage you see on the right this afternoon, with the thought that, if i made it exactly the same size as the best left unsaid series, i could hang them in a grouping and it would become more apparent  that a relationship exists between the two.

gheros islets, on the map fragment on the lower left, are off the coast of the cycladic greek island of andros. the map was sent to me by my son dimitri, and andros is where he has his summer house. scroll down to my 9/30 post to read about the opening of blasted, tonight, which he directed and acts in.

3:25pm: just now, i created a new page, under the drop down menu titled "works." it is titled "best left unsaid" and contains all 6 paintings currently in this series. i will expand it as new paintings are created.