1/16/14 3 new collages today / by Philip Tarlow

3 new collages today, all mixed media on archival paper. these small works on paper began in houston, where we stayed for 2 months in the summer of 2012 while i had a medical procedure.

we were at the guest house of friends and i had a small work space. so i bought materials at texas art supply and began making non-figurative works on paper, all reflecting my decade long process of painting, weather permitting, afternoons at north crestone creek. 

then i made a series of large paintings during the fall and early winter, which were shown last month in an exhibition titled "north crestone creek," at gremillion & co. fine art in houston. (see my current exhibition" page.)

in making the larger paintings as well as these small works on paper, i refer often to the 20 or more 16x16" plain air oils hanging on my studio wall. so they are like jazz riffs. for these small pieces i use scraps of paper i've collected, some with notes or scribbles, catalogues, maps…...  and collage them to the surface, which is made up of crayon marks, acrylic brush marks and graphite stick. the odd scribbles & notes, divorced from their context, read as calligraphy.

draftsmanship is startled by the random and my aesthetic, my personal marks, coalesce for a moment in time.