9/6 creek again, creek again thank GOD ALMIGHTY, CREEK AGAIN!!! / by Philip Tarlow

this season i hadn't yet been out to n. crestone creek to continue my pleine air series. yesterday i saw a break in the daily pattern of afternoon monsoonal thunderstorms and mikela & i set out in the car for the creek; about a 4 mile drive from my studio. i was so excited as i set up my easle & prepared my colors that i was actually trembling!


the result is the first of a series i'll be doing every afternoon until it gets too cold to go out; usually early november.

my new large format paintings in acrylic & collaged paper on canvas have been inspired & influenced by the previous year's pleine air paintings. now, this first example of a new series of pleine air has clearly been affected by the studio paintings.

below right is an example of one last year's series of pleine air paintings. i have departed somewhat from my usual earth colors, brightened my palette and expanded the space to encompas the entire canvas.

this all happened in a matter of minutes. the sound of crackling thunder and deep blue-black clouds over the ridge presaged an approaching storm, and i was just able to pack up my gear in time to leave without getting too wet.

these paintings almost always happen outside of conventional time & space, in a blaze of activity dictated by the energy of the rushing water. in those rare moments when my mind enters the picture, the result is crap.


9.6.13 n. crestone trail 16x16" oil on linen


10.16.12 n. crestone trail 16x16"  oil on linen

the site, shot yesterday with my iphone.