the progress of wei creek / by Philip Tarlow

wei creek is in process; mostly a process of elimination which may be a circuitous route back to the elegant simplicity & calligraphic gesture of stage 1.

i feel this painting has an element of longmo.

"according to daoist geomantic beliefs, a powerful life energy pulsates through mountain ranges & watercourses in patterns known as Iongmo."

quote from "how to read chinese paintings" by maxwell k. hearn

9/5  it was too pretty. too predictable. now it's a vertical with more guts & very interesting colors.

STAGE 6  9/5

STAGE 5  9/4   4 pm

STAGE 4  wei creek  18X96"

acrylic & collages paper on canvas


STAGE 3  9/3

STAGE 1  9/2