9/22/13 rained out / by Philip Tarlow

received an email last night that a woman who had been camping nearby found my lost bamboo brush carrier with the brushes intact. (see 9/20 twig art post for an explanation.) 

drove the 6 miles up to the spot we had agreed on if she found them & decided to chance it & try to beat out an approaching thunderstorm. i set up, began painting & felt the first large drops of rain, heard the thunder & saw the lightning flashes. i collapsed the easel legs, & went through the process of packing up my materials at lightning speed. my collapsable light weight table tipped over into the rushing creek and was being carried downstream by the current. it got caught on a branch & i fished it out just in time.

what you see below is the result; an unfinished painting splattered with rain drops, proving once again that oil & water don't mix. it created a very beautiful pattern however.

it contains all the hallmark elements of my completed pleine air paintings. what would it have become?  

9.22.13 n. crestone creek,  thunderstorm 16x16"