9/17-21 gonglin creek stages 1 thru 4 / by Philip Tarlow

as has occurred with other paintings in this series, the initial sketch has been worked over with acrylic and collaged paper. up is now down. strong graphic marks, like the branch-like element surrounded in green at the bottom of stage 1 remains, but upended and as a ghost image. hints of cascading water transition into  biomorphic shapes, allowing the eye to move deliciously over the suggestive surface. calligraphic marks trail off and resume as tails, ears, branches or rocks. 

9/20 in stage 3, gonglin creek is upended 180 degrees. it begins to sing. solar winds blow, rocks dance. it draws closer to the calligraphic spareness and freedom of gesture found in preparatory sketches such as the one below. but it's not yet resolved. it has no focus. no event that supports the eye in moving around the space. 

the black & white below is an example of one of the large pieces of roll paper i piant on, then cut up and attach to the areas of the painting


9/21 today i had a visit from my friend max, who had never been to the studio. max is 13, but he "gets it," as i told him. i NEVER have anyone in my studio while i'm painting, except mikela. max's energy is so great; he did his thing, i worked on the painting and found an increased energy with his presence. so i let him know he's welcome any time.   

he did a cool gouache painting while i was working & perused some of my art books & my watch collection, which he loved. thanks max! i think we can declare this a wrap.

STAGE 4  9/21   4PM


STAGE 2   gonglin creek  72x38" 

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas

STAGE 1    9/17/13