8/6/13 3rd stage of gong creek 38x72" / by Philip Tarlow

gong creek has become a horizontal. overt references to rocks & water have been layered over and appear as ghost images beneath the collaged paper. what has emerged is like handwriting. it's my "heart print."

quote: zhao yuan (active ca. 1350-75)

for now at least, i am only able to arrive at this level of simplicity following a process of creek inspired mark making, in which rocks and roiling, flowing water can be seen.

a four day trip to aspen & vail took place between stages 1 &2, painted on july 31st, & todays work on stage 3. this allowed me valuable space away from the studio with a change of landscape & mood. as well, we attended art aspen, where we saw work from galleries from all over the country, including cool work by a number of painters i wasn't familiar with.

STAGE 3: gong creek  38x72"

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas

STAGE 1:   7/31/13

STAGE 2:   7/31/13