7/29-30/13 DAYS 1&2: lu creek 72x48" / by Philip Tarlow

"the main thing in painting rocks is that they should be alive."

lu chai  (17th c.)

DAY 2:

when i entered the studio this morning, the makeshift wooden support i had created to hold the painting up for viewing and photographing had slipped. it resulted in this very heavy painting (the canvas is stretched on masonite nailed to the stretcher bars to create a rigid surface, allowing for better bonding of paper to canvas) to fall with such force that it cracked both 72" strtcher bars, but didn't damage the painting.

today much of the painting was masked with collaged paper, some of which was sparingly painted, creating transparencies, movement and the feel of water & rocks.

DAY 2: lu creek  72x48"

acrylic & collaged paper on canvas

DAY 1: lu creek  72x48"

acrylic on canvas

DAY 1, stage 2