5/9/13 wang meng creek, 78x38": day 1 / by Philip Tarlow

so this new painting has begun on an un-stretched canvas. it will eventually have collaged paper & i realized the only safe way to collage the paper & assure it doesn't have air bubbles is to have the canvas be on a hard surface. 

so i cleared my second table by moving everything to a temporary "jerry rigged" table....see upper right of the photo.

it's tricky working on a table; ideally it should be a lower height. but from time to time i'll tack it to the wall so i can get a better sense of the painting as a whole.

working would be a lot easier if i didn't have so much pain in my elbow.

stay tuned & we'll see what tomorrow brings.

day 1: wang meng creek

78x38"  acrylic on canvas