contemplating huang tingjian (1045-1105)'s breakfast! / by Philip Tarlow

huang was a poet, calligrapher & buddhist adept & believed that calligraphy should be spontaneous and self expressive-"a picture of the mind." in the metropolitan museum is the hand scroll "biographies of lian po & lin xiangru," which at 60 feet in length is one of the longest calligraphy handscrolls ever executed. it's sustained energy & exuberant curviliniar forms are influenced by the "wild cursive" manner of "mad monk" huaisu (ca.735-800).

below are examples of how huang switched it up by changing the pattern of strokes, as pointed out by maxwell k. hearn in his "how to read chinese paintings."

i feel a close kinship with this chinese master and his mentor, the "mad monk." i feel his presence as i begin developing a pictorial language for the "mad creek" as it could be called, in my latest work.

today was egg day. twice a week i break up my pattern of eating cooked rolled oats with all kinds of healthy ingredients, like ceylon cinnamon & chia seeds, and dive into a delicious breakfast of hard boiled local eggs, turkish olives, anchovies, feta, local tomatoes, fresh basil, cilantro & parsley sprinkled with italian spices & drizzled with balsamic, accompanied by a few locally produced corn chips. ah-h-h-h how delicious "avoiding monotonous repetition" can be!!