new painting, huang creek 16x66" : 1st 3 stages / by Philip Tarlow

14th c. chinese painter ni zan painted virtually the same composition his entire life-a grove of trees on a rocky foreground shore juxtaposed with distant mountains-the subtle variations in each iteration reveal changes in his circumstances and state of mind.

maxwell k. hearn in how to read chinese paintings

i read this last night in bed & it made a deep impression. it's something so obvious and universal, it could be said about all of us, whether we're painters or not.

DAY 1: 1ST STAGE-kuan creek  16x66 march 8th, 2013

acrylic on canvas

DAY 1: 2nd STAGE-kuan creek  16x66

acrylic on canvas

DAY 2: stage 2  march 9th, 2013

DAY 3: stage 3  march 10, 2013