ceramics / by Philip Tarlow

after 2 days in denver, where we had exciting meetings around our educational product, storylab360, i returned to my studio this morning, scraped down this platter, one of the pieces by susan watt we brought back from houston in dec. 2012. it had initially been painted there when it was fresh from the kiln. i began painting anew over the suggestive, scraped surface, which is reminiscent of the surfaces on my new acrylic & collaged paper paintings. it's not complete, but it is obviously based, as are the paintings, on my pleine air landscape paintings.

it's easter sunday and a beautiful, warm day in crestone. shortly, mikela & i will take a walk up n. crestone trail. the time is fast approaching when i'll be back in that setting with my easel and paints, creating a new round of pleine air paintings, which will reflect all the discoveries i made working on the large studio paintings this winter.  you can view them by clicking on: current/new studio paintings & details of new paintings.

ceramic platter, 14x17"

acrylic color on ceramic platter