ceramics / by Philip Tarlow

today i continued working on this piece, the second in a series, by susan watt of houston. the more i look at her pieces, the more i am in awe of her talent. i think she is a ceramics phenomenon. that we found one one another is in itself a miracle. we were introduced by ron gremillion, owner of gremillion & co. fine art in houston, where i have been showing my work for over 20 years.

susan breaks many of the rules (as well as deliberately breaking and gluing back together many of her pieces!) & in so doing transcends "traditional" ceramics and stakes out new territory. her forms always remind me of the water, rocks and branches i paint during the 6 months a year at few of our local creeks. (go to curent...new plein air oils) 


more about susan later, including video of her "pit firing" pieces in the embers of a fire she builds for the purpose in her back yard in houston.

below is a photo of 2 ceramic pieces i worked on today, with a section of one of my recent paintings. they are brothers. like us, these ceramic pieces are unsteady, about to fall. they lean into the space, into the void. see the sky about to rain, broken clouds & rain. n. young

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