rework of panel 1, creek tryptich / by Philip Tarlow

today i reworked this 1st canvas of creek tryptich, which consists of three 25x25" panels. i scraped, i glued paper, i scraped away the paper, i sanded, i painted. and all of this with forearm tendonitis, diagnosed friday by a physical therapist in salida. painful.

half way into it, i was on the edge of trashing it & starting over. i recalled a beautiful torn billboard we saw in the paris metro last year. i recalled late monet & early guston, giacometti....& i persisted.

the previous version (see yesterdays blog) was too pat, too easy, pretty. too "painterly creek."

it helped bringing them over to the house last night & hanging them on our north living room wall. we had friends over to dinner & no one remarked on them. because, i decided, they were unremarkable! 

tomorrow i will likely begin reworking the other 2 panels.

panel 2, creek tryptich  25x25"

acrylic on linen